GroupMe: a new way of group communication

As I was going through TechCrush 2011 Award-winning Android Apps last month, GroupMe, one of front runners of Best Social App, just stood out from the crowd!  Maybe, it’s because its odd name bothers me so much that I have to find out what GroupME Android App can do!

groupmeWhat is GroupMe?  Well, it’s probably the best Android app in the market, enabling “private” communication with your groups of contacts via either text or conference calls.  Sounds vague?  Allow me to drill down GroupMe even more for you!

Scenario:  Let’s say you have 30 phone contacts on your Android Phone and 10 out of 30 phone contacts are for business purposes.   You’re an event planner!  5 of phone numbers are for event logistic planning contacts, and other 5 are for sponsorship planning.

So, how can you, the event planner, use GroupME Android App for  ”private” communication at NO costs and anytime?

    1. 1st step: Group creation (up to 25 contacts in a group)
      You will create a group, called Event Master(or more creative name) and add 5 event planning phone numbers/contacts to the group.  Once “Event Master“ group is created, GroupMe will assign an unique phone number to the group.  Everyone in the group will then utilize this unique phone number to communicate with each other, either text to the group OR host a conference call with the group!


  • 2nd step:  manage contacts in the group
    The power of GroupMe is that anyone in the group has the ability to manage the group membership! :)   If you have GroupME Android App, then you can easily manage the membership via the app.  If not, then here are simple text commands to help you operate in the geeky GroupMe world!
    #add for adding new number
    #list for listing group numbers
    #topic for updating the topic of your group text
    #name for updating your name display
    #mute to stop receiving text/calls from the group #unmute to restart!
    #remove to remove numbers from the group



After using GroupMe for a few months, I have created 2 groups so far!  It’s a great way to communicate with a group of business contacts or even friends.  Most amazingly, it’s free! :)

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