Halloween Sounds App for Android: ScareCauldron

There will be about a half million searches on Google this month from people looking to download scary Halloween sounds. After all who doesn’t want to add a little flare to the Halloween party or their own costume. In true Android fashion, a new app is available for free download to make the search and experience a little easier.

ScareCauldron is not a collection of random Halloween sounds you could access online. This is a surround sound, stereo, quality experience that is guaranteed to impress you. Plug this into a mega phone, stereo, or car speakers and you will get an experience that will make anyone’s hair stand on end.

When downloading beware that the app requires more memory than most apps because of the audio files. Make sure you have room before starting the install.

There are two modes. The first is Haunt mode. Haunt mode requires no maintenance and is easiest when you plan to turn it on and leave it during a party etc. Yeah, it sounds creepy.

In Mixing mode you get to decide what sounds go into the cauldron. Just drag the various scary sounds into the cauldron and tap the skulls to start the action. You can continue to manually move the various sounds around the cauldron if you want. This is especially cook if you are using surround sound or wearing headphones as you will hear the sound move around you as you drag it around the cauldron!

It will run in the background so when you are ready to turn it off just hit the menu button and select “Quit.”

All around the user interface is really easy. The options seem to create an experience that is unique and applicable for your various haunted endeavors. Check it out and if you like the mixing experience consider adding the extra sounds with the paid upgrade.

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