Healthmemo: Digitally Organizing Health Records

health memo androidKeeping a track of your medical files, prescriptions, lab reports, scans, X- Rays, and a whole lot more is frustrating. Traveling for work has become a way of life & when jet- setting executives carry around a whole briefcase worth of work related documents on their smartphones, tablets and handheld devices, why not their essential medical records? People with chronic health conditions can now digitize & store important & emergency medical information & access it from the Healthmemo app.

Available on Google PlayStore & App Store for free, the Healthmemo app is a lightweight app with life- saving implications. Store your medical insurance details & save copies of your original medical records before submitting them for the insurance claim. This app is very useful for senior citizens who need to carry around a list of their medical conditions, allergies and the prescription drugs & other treatments.

The Healthmemo app provides much needed electronic back up of medical records for those who’ve undergone bypass surgeries, suffered heart attacks, diabetic patients & women who’re travelling to their mother’s homes for their confinement.

The app shares neither any sensitive information publicly, nor uses your data to target advertisements. All your medical files and history are encrypted on Healthmemo’s remote server using advanced encryption technologies & the account is accessible only by the user.

Tested on the latest Kitkat OS, the Healthmemo app is streamlined for maximum efficiency. The lightweight app performs well even on lower- end smartphones.

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