HootSuite: Greatest Android Online Facebook & Twitter Client

There are enough Twitter apps in the Android Market to make you crazy. I’m personally a proponent of applications that also interface with a high quality web client. Its easier to manage everything when you are using the same program on your desktop as you do on your phone.

With the recent add of TweetDeck to the Android Market this really narrowed down the choice between TweetDeck and Hootsuite. I decided on Hootsuite. After trying both for free I decided I liked Hootsuite better for a few reasons. For one HootSuite is a web application that you can login to from any computer. Also, HootSuite will feed any RSS feed into your social profiles. In addition to being it’s own URL shortener, it also tracks click through!

Hootsuite for Android AppHootSuite helps you group your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Linkedin streams into one screen for each organization or brand you have. It makes it easy to keep track of mentions, direct messages, etc. The interface allows you to post new updates to all your accounts at once, or schedule something for a future date and time. Every link you send out is tracked for reporting later. The RSS import option allows for easy syndication of your Blog or other news source into your Twitter, Facebook, and other social profiles. Because HootSuite can connect with Ping.fm (Ping.fm for Android App) you can post to virtually any social network you want.

The Android Hootsuite app keeps getting better. Options allow you to decide how often to check for updates and what types of notifications to get. From the app you can also post to multiple accounts at once. Stats are easy to view per profile.

The debate rages on between different Twitter Apps for Android but so far I’m stickin to Hootsuite.

To see additional Screen Shots of this app visit our Facebook Photo Albums.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Worth to try app. One app for multiple social web. Save up my battery life by avoiding install too many app in my phone 🙂

  • L Ward

    Where are you going to add LinkedIn??

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      L Ward, I’m not sure when Hootsuite is going to add LinkedIn to their Android app. You might try contacting their customer service team to inquire about it.

  • It’s really amazing how many apps are out there now, and this post is only a few months old. Technology just moves so fast!