How to Build Muscle: The App for That

Muscle Builder AppWell it doesn’t take more than a quick look at me to know that I’m a little short on muscle. I’ve spent my fair time in a gym but in the end I’m not quite ready to invest in a personal trainer to give me the expertise and accountability that I no doubt need in order to grow. A new application has become available and it may be the solution I’ve been working for.

Muscle Builder Explorer is a one stop app that includes muscle educational articles, directory of gyms, muscle building exercises, personalized workouts and goals that take you step by step to building your muscle according to your own goals. Let me break down each piece of this.

When you first open the app you choose Kg or Lbs and then start the workout wizard. In the workout wizard you indicate what you want to work on (chest, legs, etc) and how often per week you can work out and for how long. A little more information and the application provides a specific workout plan that details some specific exercises. With a quick tap you can get detailed information about how to perform the exercise as well.

Each time you workout you record that in the app and it adjusts your recommendations accordingly. The app is intuitive so it learns from what you do and makes recommendations accordingly. It has a lot of really cool features that you just wouldn’t expect like a pedometer that keeps track of how may steps you take during the day.

The recovery features keep track of how often you work out, which muscles need rest, and makes recommendations based on potential weak points that you may be neglecting.

The application has an awesome user interface. The graphics are beautiful and the user response is fast and crisp. The reporting gives you great charts and graphs that track your progress.

In summary I feel like this is a perfect application for anyone interesting in working out and fitness. I think this single application has as many features as two or three other applications combined. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: Take advantage of the first 15 days of the app because when the trial runs out you will need to make a decision about moving forward with the paid model. I think you will find it is well worth your investment and the first 15 days will be enough to show you that.

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