How To Find The Altitude Anywhere You Are

get altitude and elevation with android app

This started last year when I was stopped in Jackson Hole Wyoming on my way to Yellowstone National Park. My father in law and I were wondering what increase in altitude was going to be from our home to Jackson and eventually to Yellowstone. I started

searching Google Play for a good app and ended up downloading about 6 different applications. Only 1 proved to be at all usable. Introducing, “Get Altitude” for Android.

This app does what it says. When you open it you see a Google Maps interface. You can pan and zoom to any place on the map or you can search just the same way you would with Google Maps. Long press on the screen and it will load the altitude of your specified location. It can work without GPS enabled since it is just referencing data that Google already has but if you want it to find your exact current location you will need the GPS enabled.

Two weeks ago I was near Breckenridge Colorado out for a hike and wondering how high I had hiked. That is when I learned that of course this app does require a data connection so you may not always be able to use it when you are out in the sticks.

I can think of a few different professions where this could be really helpful but for anyone who is just curious… download and have fun.

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