Instagram Adding Video to Their Picture Based Social Network

unnamedSince Instagram was purchased by Facebook we have all been wondering what it’s fate would be. It didn’t take long for Facebook to integrate some of the Instagram picture filters and features but so far Instagram has been able to live on by itself. Last week Instagram announced the addition of video to it’s network.

This update allows all Android Instagram users to watch videos shared by other however, only Android users with Jellybean (4.1+) can share their own videos. Frankly that is a small percentage of all the Android devices in use in the market. A little frustrating for a lot of our blog readers. That said, the experience appears to be as consistently smooth as we have have come to expect from Instagram.

The features we have always loved are still there. The awesome filters and the easy to use interface continue to delight us. We are also grateful that despite the new Facebook ownership one can continue to share your photos with Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr as well.

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