Keep Track Pro: An App for Tracking Anything

At the point of writing this post it is new years eve and I’m pondering some new year goals and resolutions. As you know one of the key attributes of a good goal is that it is measurable. Sometimes the difficulty is in deciding how you are going to keep track of it.

Let me introduce an Android Application I have found very helpful.

keep track pro 01Keep Track Pro

Keep Track Pro makes it easy to organize and track various metrics. Examples might include your weight or how often you exercise or take your medicine. You can track multiple things within the application. Its very easy to setup new things you want to track and to make ongoing entries.

When you setup a new item to keep track of you choose from the following value options:

  • Numeric: Decimal numbers are great for entering weight, distance, etc.
  • Text: Free text, which is ideal for reminders, ideas, and more
  • Boolean: Yes or No option to track simple questions, e.g., “did I work out today?”
  • Marker: Includes a specific time so you can track occurrences
  • Group: Perfect for using multiple data values to track your task

Reporting is very clean and easy. You can see graphs and charts to see progress over time. Try it out and see what you learn about yourself 🙂

–>Download from Amazon App Store


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