Klout Still Has No Official App For Android

Klout AndroidRecently Klout announced an official app for iOS. This new app encompasses many of the features that many of us have been looking for. On the Android platform there are dozens of third party applications available for Android. Some are more reliable than other but most are designed to just give you your Klout score or the Klout score of another user.

I currently do use an app called Klout Widget Pro which makes it easy to see at a glance how the Klout score of any given profile is going up or down day over day. This adds a certain amount of convenience to Klout on my Android but it doesn't give me any access to all the publishing and other analytic features that Klout has to offer.

Hopefully Klout (along with other companies and developers) will realize that Android has significantly higher market share over iOS and will consider thinking Android first when developing new mobile applications.

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