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Our phone numbers are almost a part of our identity as much as our Social Security. Now with number porting from carrier to carrier we keep our numbers longer and we protect it like our credit. With so much Spam and telemarketing out there, if we post our number in the wrong place, we are doomed.

So having a second line is very desirable at times and Line2 is the answer.


Their plans range from free to $14.99, but the one that seems to be grabbing most interest is the $9.99 a month plan. This plan gives you a free local number within your area code. Line2 allows unlimited talk and text within that plan too.

$9.99 Plan features also include:

–          Conference Calling up to 20 callers

–          Calls using VOIP (Cellular Data or Wi-Fi) or Cell when data isn’t available.

–          Call and Text logs

–          Voicemail

–          Incoming call handing like forwarding or send to voicemail.

$14.99 Plan offers some additional features like Soft Phone application for PC or Mac, 800 number, call blocking, auto-attendant and simultaneously call forwarding to 6 different numbers.

Line2Free- offers calling and texting to other Line2 customers.


I also recently found that their customer service is helpful and they have great online forums. Along with that, Line2 offers Applications to both Android and iOS devices and multiple sign ins on different devices is allowed.

So if you are looking for an alternative for a second line of service, Line2 is definitely worth a Shot.

Line2 can be downdloaded at Google Play

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