Locus Map: Ultimate Android GPS Online and Offline Mapping Application

Where do I start in reviewing this application. There is so many options and tools inside of Locus that it would take a really long time to explain them all. In the end you really just need to download the lite/free version and start playing with it to understand how much it can really do. With that said let me give you some highlights.

locus app 2The application gives you the option to select from many different map systems depending on your preference. Some of these include Openstreetmap – OSM, Freemap, SHOCart, SmartMaps, MapQuest, Navigasi, Turaterkep, NzTopoMaps,, and ChartBundle. Within those you can of course toggle between street views, satellite views, etc. Most of these are available for offline viewing.

You can create your own maps. This could be helpful if you are planning an event and would like to outline different event venues, parking areas, and other relevant info. You can make most of the maps available for offline viewing or (as is the case with your own created maps) you can download them in high vector image formats for editing or sharing.

The search features are really cool because in addition to finding addresses it also indexes all the locations from Google Places and Wikipedia. The added Wikipedia results are actually super handy when doing a search. In addition to finding what I am looking for I can also get some fast information about the business.

GeoCaching. The authors and creators of our Android Blog are big geocaching fans as you may have noticed from our past blogs about geobeagle and c:geo. This application also interfaces with these and other geocaching applications to allow you to find all the best caches near you without leaving the Locus Maps interface. Its really cool. They also have other 3rd party addons for Foursquare among other applications. The application is meant to interface with anything you may need. It has Bluetooth capabilities and also pulls in weather forecasts and alerts.

locus app 3

The offline topographical maps open up a whole new world of exploring. This is really powerful because in most of the places where one may go hiking or backpacking in the mountains etc, you probably don't get good cell coverage if at all. Turn off the network, turn on your GPS and access the maps you previously saved with your own routes already mapped out. That is COOL.

Download the lite version first to get a feel for the powerful interface and features. If it suits you download the paid version to unlock the best stuff and to remove the ads. Learn more about the app and it's developer at

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