Mikogo: Online Meetings and Cloud Desktop for Android

DISCLAIMER: This post was written as a guest post by a member of the Mikogo team. We approached Mikogo and suggested they tell us more about the new Cloud Desktop technology. The following is what they provided.

In a world of shrinking size and ever-increasing interconnectedness travel time and costs are being targeted by many companies looking to trim fat from their bottom line. As a result, remote working solutions are on the rise, and Mikogo offers a unique product designed to enable individuals and firms to do exactly that. Mikogo’s desktop application allows up to 25 people to join a web conference in which all participants can view the presenter’s screen while they conduct an online meeting – presenting PowerPoint slides, photos, software applications, and whatever else they wish to share with the meeting attendees.

The Mikogo Android App – Join Online Meetings on Your Android Device

Mikogo’s most unique and award-winning feature is its HTML Viewer, which is built on HTML5 technology and allows participants to join sessions straight from their internet browser without any downloads or plugins. Thanks to the HTML Viewer technology, Mikogo has developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It takes a matter of seconds to join a Mikogo session from your mobile device, as the only information required to join is the nine-digit session ID, which is disseminated to the participants by the meeting organizer. While the mobile app lacks some of Mikogo’s more robust features, such as the ability to control the presenter’s screen, it offers an incredibly easy way to sit in on online meetings when you can’t be at your computer.

The Revolutionary Cloud Desktop – Mobile Control of a Cloud Computer

Mikogo’s newest product, on the other hand, gives Android users unprecedented control. Mikogo’s revolutionary Cloud Desktop is a computer without any hardware, hosted entirely in the Cloud. Everything runs as normal – your operating system, applications, files, etc. – but the Desktop is accessed in a browser rather than being tied to any one computer. With your entire operating system hosted on Mikogo’s servers your new desktop is available from any device with an internet connection. So yes, this means your Android device can now be used as a desktop computer, exactly the same as you are accustomed to on your computer at work or at home. You can download new software, edit Excel or PowerPoint documents, in fact you can do just about anything you can do on an ordinary computer. Currently the Cloud Desktop is only compatible with Windows operating systems (including Windows 8), and you can see a demo video below:

For Android users this is a big step forward. While competitor remote desktop apps allow you to access whichever desktop you may have the app synced with, Cloud Desktop is not tied to any single physical device. The primary advantage of this is that an internet connection and web browser are the only tools you need in order to access your Cloud Desktop, eliminating the need to manage a physical computer. Additionally, as there are no downloads required you can be assured that compatibility will not be an issue regardless of what device/platform you are accessing your Cloud Desktop from. This even allows you to use the Mikogo desktop application on your Android mobile device, thus enabling you to use the fully-featured Mikogo software.

The Cloud Desktop is available now and you can get a demo-account here: http://www.mikogo.com/product/cloud-desktop/.


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