Mobile Audio Transcription Service via d2u Transcriber App

Recently dictate2us, the UK’s most popular audio transcription company released “d2u Transcriber”, the first digital dictation recorder app that uploads your recording to be typed by a dedicated virtual secretary (non-stop service).

d2u“d2u Transcriber” can be used to dictate professional medical and legal reports, general correspondence, notes and pretty much everything else. The implications for today's business professional are extensive. Consider that today we live in a society where understand very fully the dangers of multi-tasking as well as typing/texting while driving. By leveraging a transcription provider via a mobile app you can now leverage your Android phone anywhere you are.

The App is designed to be easy to use, visually compelling and loaded with useful features, such as:

  • Easily record, edit and review audio files.
  • Fast forward, rewind, scrub, manage and categorize audio files.
  • 256 bit SSL encryption and application pin security available.
  • Bluetooth compatibility, so you can dictate in the car, walking, etc. without touching the phone.
  • Get fast audio transcriptions in under 60 minutes (for 5 minute recordings) with an accuracy of at least 99%.
  • Access your d2u account to check remaining credit balance and see status of files (in process transcription, in process editing, completed)
  • File compression, reducing data used to send audio files for transcription and free storage of all files for 30 days.

People dictate 3 to 4 times more quickly than they type, (and approximately 7 times more quickly than they write), so a 10-minute dictation could take
30 to 40 minutes to type. With d2u you only pay for 10 minutes whereas with a typist you would pay for the 30 to 40 minutes.

“d2u Transcriber” is available free on Google Play.

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The recording and managing audio files part is free, the transcription has a cost of $2.5 per audio minute. You can see an overview of the app and service here:

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