Must Have Android Apps

android appsIts difficult to answer “Which are the most have Android Apps?” When I sit down next to people to share our favorite apps together its often difficult to find apps that we both might care about. Trying to come up with a list of apps that every Android user should have is, like I said, difficult. Here is my go at it.

Must Have Android Apps

  • Lookout Security / SeekDroid or other Android security app. You never know when you are going to leave your phone on a table at Starbucks or when you just want to know where your teenager is late at night.
  • Barcode Scanner. It comes on most phones but if it didn’t come on yours then go download it. QR codes are popping up on advertisements, products, and business cards. They are a popular tool that is not going away anytime soon.
  • Flash Player. Adobe Flash will do a lot to enhance your browser experience. It doesn’t come installed by default so go get it.
  • Advanced Task Killer. Android phones are powerful devices. Sometimes they slow down or freeze up. This app allows you to kill (stop) all the apps currently running. If you set it to auto-kill apps it could potentially save battery life. You can setup an ignore list of apps never to kill
  • Handcent SMS. Everyone sends text messages and this popular app enhances the SMS and MMS experience. Features include sms popup window, group sending options, custom ui, password protect, backup/restore, spell checker, etc.
  • App 2 SD Free. The best application to manage storage of apps  on your SD card. It helps clean up your phone memory.

Those are the best Android Apps that apply to everyone.

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  • Keef

    Funny because that is my list too.

  • I would agree with every app but one. That would be the task killer. I do have one installed however, it’s only to kill apps that are acting up. They have been proven to be more of a drain on battery and not needed to save it. Given that you said potentially save battery life it seems you too are skeptical that they save any battery life at all. Other than that, each one of those apps are a must. I would go on to add apps such as:

    – K-9 email that allows exchange, and other options the generic email client doesn’t,

    – A browser such as Dolphin or Opera that allows tabs and more functionality such as desktop web browsing over just a mobile experience,

    – A file explorer such as ES File Explorer or Astro File manager,

    – Possibly a good weather app such as Elecont Weather, or Accuweather,

    Other things too such as a tethering program, or document editor to name a few.

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Jack, Indeed I am skeptical but it does come in handy when things start to lag a little or as you said something acts up. Thanks for the tip on K-9, I’ve never used it. Astro is a little heavy for me but I agree a file manager is a must for most people. I recently reviewed Elecont and I agree that its the best!

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

      • I read the review of Elecont weather actually and because of it I went and downloaded it. It’s now my weather app of choice. 🙂