NEWS360° – Looking at the big picture

I heard about the existence of an app called NEWS360° after I received my first Android honeycomb tablet, since I’m always eager to try new apps (especially when they’re free) so I decided to give it a shot. To be honest with you readers, I can’t even imagine living without checking this app on a periodic basis, and please allow me to explain why.

NEWS360° is a news source aggregator; it collects various news sources and groups them together under the same topic. This not only makes the news more credible, it allows the readers to read from different sources to receive more information that some other sources could’ve missed out, and lastly, saves tremendous amount of time on readers’ end.

Home Screen

After enters the home screen, it is divided between left and right navigation panels. The left is responsible for categories, common ones such as: Top News, Business, Tech, etc. It also allows users to customize this panel as he/she pleases. The right hand panel houses all the newest news topics, along with the number of sources for that specific article. Click on any topic to enter the article screen.




Article Screen

In the article screen, it is divided into three panels. The top left hand panel houses the summary of the topic. The bottom left hand panel is the direct access to the page. On the top there’s a navigation bar which allows readers to select from different sources, this will in term change the bottom left hand panel to that specific source. The right hand panel just houses pictures or videos regards to this subject.


The third button from the right of the top navigation bar is the “share” button. This gives the reader to choose different online social media to post the news as a status update. This is most awesome feature in my opinion, because I always want to share interesting or important news to my friends/followers.

There are two different versions of NEWS360°, one for the tablet and one for the phone, I urge you to give it a try and see for yourself!


Simple and easy, just search for NEWS360 in the Android Market.


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