Official Facebook App:: Android Users are still hungry?

With the new and official Facebook app for Android there is still a lot of talk among Android users in need of something more. In the last 6 months we have seen a good number of Facebook Android apps come into the market to satisfy the thirst but now even with the official app, users want more.

I admit that I’m mostly satisfied with the new official app. It does everything I would expect it to do and I understand that the more features you add to the app the heavier and slower it is. Some Android users (whiners) would do well to understand this.

Perhaps among the greatest new developments is the home screen widget displaying your news feed, and the live Facebook contacts folder which gives you quick access to the phone numbers of all your Facebook friends.

Here are a few screenshots from the new official app:

Android Facebook AppAndroid FacebookAndroid Facebook WidgetAndroid Facebook Newsfeed

There is an Android Facebook App Fan page on facebook with a great video and additional updates!

What are your thoughts? Are you satisfied?

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  • narcor

    I’m sure it WILL be a great app, but right now its like a beta. Apps for WinMo and iPhone are much better.

  • Mike

    It’s pretty, and the shake to refresh is nice, but Babbler Lite, despite its weaknesses, has far more of the features I want at this point. The only reason I’m keeping it on my phone right now is for the contacts folder – I like that a lot!