Official Google Adsense App Available for Android

Google has heard the complaining of people like me and they have released an official app for Google Adsense. Previously we had reported on Google's Mobile Friendly Interface for Adsense but an actual app was really due.

If you are not familiar with Adsense, it is the Google service and program through which web publishers (site owners etc) can earn revenue from Google's ad platform. This is generally done by allowing Google to place ads on one's site or YouTube videos.

adsense application home screen overview androidIf you are making money from Google you probably like to key an eye on how the numbers are coming in and the new Adsense app does a good job of providing the detail you are most keen to see.

The overview page you are greeted with shows revenue from today so far, yesterday, this month so far, and last month. The best feature is how it compares each of these metrics to the past to give you an idea if you are trending up or down. Frankly this is a feature that I wish existed on the desktop version of the Adsense site. It paints a strong picture of how your ads are performing.

A quick tap on the menu and you are greeted with many other options including:

  • Top Sites
  • Top URL Channels
  • Top Custom Channels
  • Top Ad Units

These pages give a clear and concise quick report of your performance. Over time and with feedback from users I think we will see other much needed reports and features emerge. For example I would like to be able to generate new ads from the app… how about you?

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