Official Klout App For Android

Last week I attended an event where I heard Joe Fernandez, the co-founder of Klout, give a keynote speech. Klout set out to measure online influence and today they have grown into giants. Klout looks at various measurement indicators across your various online social networks and via an algorithm gives each user a “Klout Score.” generally anything over 60 is considered very influential. In order to process the algorithm, Klout indexes and ingests more data each day than Google (or so Joe says).

Klout Android ApplicationSadly, managing one’s Klout score and account on a mobile device has been very frustrating until recently when Klout first announced their official app for iOS and now even more recently for Android.

The application is a well performing and has the features that most Klout users would expect.

You can access a content stream from which Klout recommends articles specific to your interests and most influential topics. Klout is also one of the few social media publishing tools that allows you to easily schedule the future publishing of content to Twitter and/or Facebook. This allows you to publish when YOUR audience is online and most engaged.

You can also access your measurement dashboard to see how your own Klout score is trending over the last 90 days.

If you use Klout you can rejoice in this new and official app. If you don’t use Klout… you should… seriously.

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