Official Linkedin App for Android: Network and Build Your Reputation

linkedinLinkedIn released an official app for Android in April of 2011. Many of us had been making due with 3rd party apps that delivered a less than perfect experience with the beloved site. The app has a gorgeous user interface that is simple to navigate. From the home screen you can enter 6 portals including: Updates, Connections, Invitations, Search, Reconnect, and Messages. Its easy enough to post your own updates and you can choose if your updates will be visible to anyone, connections only or just your Twitter group.

I love the ease of accepting/denying invitations from the app. It seems that more than 1/2 of what I do on the site is respond to invitations so its really nice to take care of all of that on the app. This is also true of accessing your inbox/messages.

What do you think? Do you like the layout and the interface? What do you feel the app is missing?

Jacob S Paulsen

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