Panoramic Pictures for Android with Pano



A few months ago Android was running a promotion where a large number of paid apps were only 10 cents each. Among those that I bought up I purchased Pano. Pano is an amazing, quality, application for taking panoramic pictures. After posting the above picture of the lake near my house on Facebook, a few friends made comments about my “nice wide-angle lens.”

The app is self-explanatory. You take a picture and as you move your phone from left to right you will see a transparent remnant of the previous snapshot that you can line up over the top of the left edge of the following image. This process continues until you have taken in everything that you need.

I've seen a few other apps of this nature in the past and they always left me disappointed. To be honest I don't know how this one is as good as it is at taking panoramic pictures Р

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