PhoneMyPC:: Remote Desktop Connection for Android

Have you ever been out and about and had need of a specific file on your home computer? The solution is here with the PhoneMyPC app now available in the Android Market. I admit I was skeptical that an app could truly deliver the remote desktop solution over 3G but I was stunned at how well this works

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  • Access to all the files: documents, pdfs, ppts, pics, etc that are on your desktop
  • Full Monitoring of others including children while on your computer
  • Utilize your full desktop browser for websites that otherwise don’t display correctly on your mobile browser.



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Keep in mind that everything we do here at Android Social Media is geared toward lifestyle. This app really fills all the gaps between what you can only do in your office and what you can do from your phone while on the go. It no longer will matter if you are on the beach in Cali when you need access to your desktop computer.

There are a few other applications out there that will allow you to remotely connect to your computer from your Android device but none have all the features that this supports and none are so easy to setup and maintain.

WARNING: My understanding in talking with the developer is that the app will only be available for $9.99 in the Android Market until the end of the year. As they finish some of the more refined features the app will no longer be in BETA mode and the price will go up. I highly encourage you to get this app right away.



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  • wooow cute app!

  • Jacob S Paulsen

    I use it on 3G all the time without issues. The app has a quality setting. I keep it set to Medium quality to prevent any lag etc.

  • Eric Jensen

    The app works very well and seems very efficient even with a so-so connection. I have 1 particular problem in that I also use “Windows Remote Desktop” Once that runs it kicks the Phonemypc service off and my computer no longer shows up in a list of PCs available. Any suggestion how to have these apps make nice with each other?

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Eric, I would email the developers.

  • Phone My pc is really nice application. Teamviewer is also good but it is too slow on android.