Pingdroid – on the Android

If you aren’t already familiar with for microblogging you are really missing the boat. will allow you to update your status on 30 different networks at once including twitter, facebook, myspace, plurk, bebo, plaxo, blogger, etc. Now they have introduced Pingdroid, a app for the android/g1 platform.


Currently Features include

  • send posts using Ping.FM from your Google Android mobile phone
  • supports status, microblog or blog posts types
  • use your Ping.FM custom triggers
  • attach existing photos from your SD card to any posts type
  • take photos with your camera to attach to posts
  • attach geographic location information
  • view post status information and optionally retry failed posts


Here are some screenshots to check out:


ping_status1 ping_types1 pingdroid_userservices1 pingdroid_notification1 pingdroid_menu1 pingdroid_location pingdroid_settings1

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  • Joe

    Also interesting is the “Locale Plug-In” which can set all your social Network’s statuses based on the Location or Time conditions. Great for posting that you work again, or are out to party. You define it once, and the when you enter the situation it posts automatically.