PixelPipe Best Picture & VIDEO syndication

In our original PixelPipe postwe talked about the power of the PixelPipe photo syndication app. Today we want to add to that chain of thought by talking about the new 1.5 pixelpipe app which supports video & audio uploads as well. The new Android version 1.5 added the ability to upload videos directly to Youtube.com While this is a great feature on its own it doesn’t begin to compare with PixelPipe. Let me give you an example.

Share Video Via PixelPipe

Today while grilling some steaks in the back yard I took a short video clip of my crazy dog trying to “bite” the smoke out of the air. I chose the share option and instead of choosing Youtube I shared it via Pixelpipe. What did this do? Not only did it directly upload the video complete with title, description, and tags to YouTube but it also uploaded it to Dailymotion.com and Facebook video. Then it also updated my status on all 18 of the social networks I participate on to include the title and link to the video. All of this from the camcorder app on my Android… THATS COOL.

Upload Video to PixelPipe

Get an account at PixelPipe.com if you haven’t already and then download the pixelpipe app from the android market. From either the app or the website set up your “pipes” to include all of your photo, video, and social networking websites. Give it a test run… go ahead… syndicate a photo, video, or audio…
How cool was that?

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