PixelPipe.com Pixelpipe on the Android

PixelPipe is the most powerful syndication tool in existence for sharing photos online via social networks. Currently Pixelpipe is linked to over 60 sites including the most popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Ping.fm, etc.
I suggest first setting up your Pixelpipe account and configuring all of your accounts on the online website: www.pixelpipe.com

Then download the Pixelpipe app from the android market and input your user information. Now every time you take a picture or select one from your pictures folder you can select the “Share” option. Scroll down to select the Pixelpipe option.

Now here is where some of the most important things come into play. You will be prompted to enter a title, description/caption, and keywords. If you are going to post this picture to a microblog such as twitter you may want to start your title tag with the words: A picture of…

Use the description area to describe the photo and whats going on. Use the keywords to indicate what key topics are related to the photo.
Here are some screenshots of the program:

pixelpipe destinations pixelpipesettings1

pixelpipemain1 pixelpipeedit_detail_vert1

Also check out pixelpipe’s app for Picasa, Iphoto, Fotofox, iphone (like a swearword on this site), etc.

On July 6th, 2009 we posted a new PixelPipe Update HERE.

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  • We’ve updated our Android application to take advantage of the capabilities of Cupcake and now provide Photo, Video and Audio uploads direct from the application. You can download the update from the Android Market. Check it out!