Planwise: Financial Decision Planner on Android

Planwise is a start up company in the bay area that has developed an online tool designed to help people plan and project important financial decisions. What I feel makes them unique is that you don't “connect” your bank accounts or enter any transactional data. They system operates anonymously, giving you projections and financial advise based on the information you have input but without collecting any personal data.

planwiseAt first I thought this was just another loan calculator but its really much more. You can create an account with your email address and save your projections and plans so you can make changes as you go from your desktop or mobile device. The company has worked hard on the release of their Android application and it is available on Google Play for free.

With the application, or desktop program, you enter your important information like income, expenses, savings, and existing loans and the app will give you projections and advice about how your potential buying decisions will affect your long term financial situation. Sounds like we would be better off if this app had been in wide use right around 2006 or 2007 🙂

Check it out and see how this tool can help your future financial decisions.

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