POLLBOOK Unveils the Excitement of Social Polling With Android App

Recently POLLBOOK Enterprise announced the launch of its free social polling app, POLLBOOK for individuals and commercial users. POLLBOOK presents a creative and fun social polling platform which allows users to write a post and offer choices to their followers, at the same time, allows followers to express their preferences and make suggestions to the choices.

This has great productivity and business applications. A user could easily and quickly get live feedback without having to host a focus group or build out an elaborate survey tool.

4Upon joining POLLBOOK, users are able to see what is happening within their social circle by following their friends, celebrities, favorite sports teams, cafes and etc. Here are the key features and actions users can perform:

1. Write a Post: Write anything you want! It can be a statement and/or a question. Users can also upload a photo or tag their followers here.

2. Offer Choices: To start a poll, offer choices related to the post in the form of text, tag or photo.

3. Allow Suggestions: Enable it so that their followers are able to provide more suggestions to the post.

4. Allow Multiple Likes: Enable it to give their followers the flexibility to select more than one choice.

Combining the above key features, users are able to create post in many fashions, such as the following:


From the followers’ standpoint, they are able to express their preferences by voting for their preferred choice(s) and/or suggest new choice(s) to the post. In addition, this app allows users to write their comments on each individual choice as well as on the post as a whole. The poll results are ranked by popularity and displayed in simple bar charts where users can easily view the popular choices people made within their social circle. For those who like to keep track on interesting posts, they can include them in their Favourite list for future references or share those posts to their Facebook or Twitter account.

POLLBOOK is available world-wide on Google Play and AppStore, supporting the minimum device requirements of Android version 2.3.3 and iOS version 6.0 respectively. An elite web version is currently available for commercial users only. POLLBOOK also has plans to further enhance some of its key features to increase the excitement in social polling.

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