Power of Yelp! Consumer Reviews & Check Ins on Android

Yup!  Yelp!‘s slogan is “Real People, Real Reviews!”, and i’m SO buying it!

Being a New Yorker for the past 5 years, Yelp! literally has become my #1 (número uno) consumer review website I visit daily.  Many times I question the loyalty  of 41 Millions Yelp.com visitors and even my own addiction to the website (btw, I was an one-time 4Square-R).  Maybe my insanity can be justified by so-called Yelpers, written over 15 million local reviews,  repeatedly saving me  from horrible massage or even terrible meals.

yelpAnd, when Yelp.com just isn’t portable enough for me,  Yelp! Android App is my new love on my HTC Incredible.  Here is why I love about the app – as a person who has to find out the latest reviews (gossips..should i say!) on places I’m about to visit:

  • Monocle: isn’t this GPS look-up such a beauty?  It’s an Augmented Reality feature which tells you all restaurnts, bars, and ‘everything else’ around you.  Let’s say you just happen to visit Chicago  for the first time and only want to hit places with 4+ stars reviews, the Yelp! Monocle will then show you all places, with reviews, based on your current GPS location!  Wild, right!  🙂
  • Easy Search bar: just like Yelp.com where you can search for keywords
  • Book Marks: mark your search results, so you don’t forget your favorite places.
  • Check-Ins:  hum..not so much!  Sorry, I’m not a big fan of advertising my location to the world!  Almost like a safety concern to me!  However, I can understand why restaurants want to promote themselves, and why Yelp! want more consumer analysis.

To all travelers and people who love adventures on-the-go, try out Yelp! Android App and experience the fun of exploring the world! :)

By KRMichelle (http://krmichelle.blogspot.com)
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  • kore sar

    Yelp will never gain world-wide success because it’s us-only service.