PrintJinni: Wireless Printing App for Android

I have been looking for a reliable printing application since the days of my G1. Each application appears to have a catch or turns out to just be hit or miss. Well, I think I finally found a winner.

When I first downloaded PrintJinni it prompted me to provide an email address in order to activate the free trial. After getting through the registration I was able to really start to use the features. From the application user interface the fastest way to give it a spin is to access the “paste board” or clipboard. The application generates a print preview of what is on the clipboard so you can confirm it is really what you wanted to print.

In addition to printing from the clipboard you can also print via the share option in many of the common applications. I tested it initially from Dropbox. I just used the share option and then selected “Print with PrintJinni.”

PrintJinniWhen you start the print process you will need to have WiFi on so your phone can search for available printers. In my case my WiFi was off and the application prompted me to turn it on. It didn't take more than about 30 seconds to find my Epson All in One printer. After selecting my printer I got an option screen where you can select the paper size, number of copies, page range, and color vs black and white.

From there I just hit the print button. That is it… it came out of my printer. I'm sold and I'm grateful that the developer allows for a free trial that includes all the features. The ongoing cost to use the application is actually super low and I'm ready to plug in.

–>Download the free trial from the Amazon Store

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