Pulse News: Android Editor’s Choice News App

newsAs I rundown some news reader Apps, Pulse News strikes my attention. It is one of the staff picks on Android market. I downloaded the App and browsed it's features for quite a while. It will require you to sign up on facebook or twitter for easier sharing of news and articles via Pulse. It is so far, for me, the best News Reader available in the Android Market. Pulse provides an amazing layout of new sources with a grid/mosaic layout which you can slide row by row for additional news stories. You can easily access popular sites that you prefer, containing updated news. The user interface is very elegant and it also provides colorful panning story bars which can be filled up by your favorite stories. It looks best on tablets but is still very appealing on phones. I like sharing interesting news online via Facebook or Twitter and that's why I am amazed by the great features of Pulse News. It makes the boring news more colorful and interesting.

Key News Features Include:

  • Save stories in Android
  • Browse these stories from the app or on the web
  • Send stories to services like Instapaper, Read It Later, and Evernote
  • Sync sources to your Pulse account to keep them on every device you use
  • Share stories via Facebook and Twitter

It also Offers a great widget where you can choose in what source would you like to get the news updates.

The best things in life are free.


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  • Sonic

    I am @ the moment beta testing flipboard and have also used pulse and have to say pulse wins on tablets but flipboard has me on a mobile @ and look forward to seeing how they proceed to develop flipboard for tablets. I much prefer the interactive magazine lay out compared to a mosaic UI but that’s just my personal opinion.