QwickNote Does Exactly What It Says – Simplicity Reigns

These days when the app stores are overpopulated, it seems that original apps are hard to come by. QwickNote tries to prove the opposite, by taking the best out of the established note apps and building upon it. At its core this is a gesture based note taking app meant to be simple, fast, and clean.

The impulse to start making it came from a need for a simple and to-the-point notes taking app. That meant no distracting menus, colors and all the action inside one screen. The first designs were based on simplicity and focus on content, keeping it clean by any means.

QwicknoteOn paper the features are quite usual – taking notes (text, image, voice, list), sync to cloud services, folders, search, marking notes and adjusting settings. But the magic is that it all happens in one screen. No full-screen edit boxes, no distracting menus and titles, just focus on content.

The main menu, which allows you to add notes, search, and go to settings is opened by swiping from the left edge of the screen. The folder menu is opened by swiping from the right edge.qwicknote

The notes can be edited directly, unlike in most note apps. And even better the options for a note can be opened whenever needed by swiping the note to the right. There we find options to move the note to a different folder, set normal or repeating reminders, attach files, share, mark as important and copy the text. And swiping to the left deletes the note and sends it to the recycle bin, which is found in Settings.

Make it your own. What I mean by that? Make QwickNote just for your needs. In Settings you find variety of functions you can turn on or off like automatic note writing every time on opening or change colors for your mood.

So as we see, QwickNote blends simplicity and advanced options, by using an innovative design and a Philosophy of keeping it simple.

Find out more at: http://www.qwicknote.com

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From the developer: Our goal was to make life and note taking much easier than it is so far, and we succeeded. We receive all the time positive reviews on QwickNote and suggestions how to make it even better. It was created from our needs and other suggestions by what kind of note app people really need, that's why we listen to every single suggestion from our customers and build it better with every day.

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