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There are a variety of different apps available in the Android Market for real estate. You might be looking for current home values, homes for sale or rent, or a high quality mortgage calculator. I’m no Realtor but my wife and I are moving to Denver and so we are looking for a place to rent initially and buy shortly thereafter. When I did a search for real estate apps I was overwhelmed. It seems that many of the large brokers have their own apps but this naturally restricts you to a smaller selection of homes. Judging by the descriptions and the ratings I finally settled on an app called Real Estate Droid. Not long after downloading it I met up with my Realtor who also has an Android phone. Came to find out he uses the same app so that closed the deal for me.

The nice thing to me about Real Estate Droid is how much you get in one app. The mortgage calculator is very nice. It includes fields for insurance and taxes… something I noticed many of the other calculators don’t.


The Real Estate Droid app for Android also includes neighborhood information. You can look up neighborhoods by city/zip or you can look at neighborhood information for any single listing you are viewing.

The “Find Homes” utility of the app is really cool. Of course you can search by city or zip. There are also some standard parameters such as price min & max, beds, baths, year built, etc. You can also choose to search for homes for sale or for rent! One of my favorite functions is the map view. When searching for homes you can view results in a list or on a Google map.

I also like the option to be able to save any individual listing to my favorites list. This makes it really easy to browse different properties and then show them to my wife.

The only disappointing thing to this app is that it seems to be delayed. Two weeks after my own home has been listed on the MLS it still doesn’t show up in the app. Because the developer isn’t teamed up directly with any brokers he relies on some sort of search mechanism to scrub the internet for what is available. Again, I’m grateful to not be restricted to any single broker but I wish it was more live time.

In preparation for this review I contacted the developer of this app, Brian Williammee. When I asked him about any news or future plans for the app he replied, “I originally included Zillow home value estimates until they told me to stop (in advance of the release of their own app), and then I used Cyberhomes data until they turned off their feed. I’m looking for another source for home value estimates, and I hope that will be the next significant upgrade. I’d also like to get access to more comprehensive lists of homes for sale, but it’s pretty tricky – the listing services are very protective of their data. I might need to come up with a national sponsor/partner to make it happen.” I would encourage our readers to reach out to this developer with any suggestions or questions you have!

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If you have found any other effective real estate apps please share with us in the comments.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Any agent that isn’t using mobile marketing and social media will soon be out-trumped by the agents who do!

    All RE agents should have a FB Biz Page and should add the Roost App.

    Thanks for your article on Android RE phone App!

    Tim in Palo Alto

  • I agree with Tim. It’s hard to beat an agent utilizing social media and the internet, especially when the competition is still using recipe cards and door knocking… the game’s changed.

  • Beesley

    Try Trulia real estate app. Very very polished and well done. I’m using it daily to locate our house… makes me wonder how ppl found houses before smartphones! lol

  • attroy has this type; the MLS boards work on subscription for licensed ageents and are therefore protective.