Scan Business Cards with Google Goggles on Android

Do you get tired of manually entering contact information from business cards? Google’s picture recognition app is equiped to solve your problem.

Google Goggles has been available in the Android Market for some time. Users can use the app to search the web by taking a picture of about anything. The app scans the image and does a search. This works equally well for images and text and while its really impressive I’ve never come up with any real practical purpose… until now.

I’ve discovered that Google Goggles will read the text from the picture of a business card and give you the option to create a contact from the information scanned. This is very handy and saves me a lot of space in my desk.

If you have Android 2.0 or above you can also check out the Camcard app in the market. I’ve seen good reviews but the free version is limited and since Google Goggles is free and available on all versions of Android I can’t justify using the camcard app.

Jacob S Paulsen




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  • Is this campcard app is free or paid… i want to give a try

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Don’t know. The Google Goggles app described above is free

  • Laura S

    Good to know. Thanks! I also had yet to find any use for Google Goggles. Another !pp that scans business cards is Evernote. I haven’t tried it yet, but supposedly it can also read text in graphics. It’s also a great notetaking app, and the website backup is critical in case you have to do a factory reset on your phone (I’ve already had to twice!?)

  • Teena

    I’m sad. I tried this with my new Samsung Galaxy S – didn’t work at all! Just told me it was text and when I selected it, it searched the web. No option add to contacts. 🙁

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Try a different app called cam card light

  • honda

    Do not use Camcard lite . Its useless if u use free app. Not sure about paid app. I really didn’t like the free app. Cause it has a limit per week. I’m gonna try google goggle business card .

  • gray380

    Please add support for Ukrainian language.