Scan / Translate / Define Written Text to Android, Windows, or Mac

I've discovered a new toy. I heard about a new device called a WorldPenScan. Essentially it is a wireless pen scanner. You run it over a printed page and… “poof” the text appears on the screen of your favorite Android device or desktop computer.

globalpen scannerSetup and Data Input

First you need to download the Android App from Google Play. The pen communicates with your Android phone via bluetooth. You pair the device the same way you do any other Bluetooth device. On the device, once it is turned off, hold down the power button until the blue light starts blinking.

When you open the app you will be selected with three options. Start with Data Input. Data input is the option you use to scan text from a page and turn it into digital text on your device. Just press the pen against the page until the light turns on and slowly move it across the page. The text will immediately start to appear on the device. When you are ready for a new paragraph just press the button on the pen.

This whole process takes a little getting used to. It isn't perfect but I would say it is 97% accurate once you really get the hang of it. I also think the size of text has something to do with it. If the text is too small or too big you are going to have some issues but most everything I tried worked fine.

World Pen ScanTranslation Work

One of the Coolest features of the pen is the built in translator. You can scan from any of 200 given languages and have it automatically translated into any other of the present languages. Like any automated translation there are bound to be some errors but I was especially impressed with the speed. There is very little delay between scanning text with the pen and it's translation appearing.

The Android App

From within the app you can find all the best features to utilize any text you have scanned in. You can save text files for later reference or you can save any text to the clipboard or use the common “share” feature to push the selected text to any of your other applications.

The application user interface is easy to use and very fast. The design is clean and I can't think of any features that I feel are missing.

Working With Mac / PC

As this is an Android focused review I will only quickly mention that the Pen also comes with the corresponding software for your desktop PC or Mac. You can connect the Pen via USB or via Bluetooth to your computer. The functions are similar to those described above for the app but there are some additional bells and whistles.

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