Setting Up Work or Personal Email on Android with Email App

In the early versions of Android the native Email app has had its fair share of bugs and issues. We wrote a post on this site a little over a year ago that encouraged users to bypass the Android Email app and run all of their pop3 email accounts through Gmail. Since that post was published we have graduated from Android 1.6 all the way to Android 2.2 and I’m happy to say that I’m much more satisfied and impressed with the native Email app that comes installed by default on your phone.

This new email app also supports Microsoft Exchange email accounts. In the past you would have purchased one of several expensive email apps in order to sync with your company’s Exchange/Outlook system but that is no longer necessary.

It is as easy as ever to setup multiple POP3 accounts. You can manually set the sync intervals and notifications do arrive properly. This also makes it easier to control which of your email addresses appears in outgoing email that you compose from your phone. Thank you to Android for making this a priority.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Derek

    The Android Mail App still doesn’t always work with Exchange, though. Seems that running Exchange 2010 and some of the more secure settings enabled keeps my running Touchdown.

  • abdullah

    Dear friend
    With all respect, you are quite wrong about the default mail app on android.

    The biggest flaw: it downloads emails as per your settings, but does not keep them more than a day. After one whole day of keeping them on the phone (not on memory card), all the emails get deleted. Even keeping emails by the number can only do for a couple of days max. Then they are all deleted.

    Some other mail apps are free and much better. Three whole email body is downloaded and stays.
    I have even written as much to HTC.


    • Jacob S Paulsen

      I do not have any of the issues you are describing. On my Nexus One with 2.2 It keeps the most recent 10 emails for each of my POP3 accounts. I am curious about which other email apps you use that are free and better. Please let us know!