ShopSavvy Makes it Easy to Save Money While Shopping


Today is Black Friday in the USA and for most of you who are reading this I'm too late to help you save money on the door buster deals that most retailers are offering. Just the same I thought the timing was right to introduce you to ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner. You may already be familiar with it since this app was among the very first apps in this category for Android.

You can quickly scan any barcode (or manually search for a product). When a product is found you will see all of the local and online retailers of that product. This makes it real easy to determine how good a value things really are in the store. Before putting the item in your shopping cart just scan the code and wait :15 seconds. More often than not, most products can be found online for less but after you factor in shipping and the delayed gratification you may choose to just buy it now.

Within the app you can also read reviews from other consumers. This can often save you from making a poor buying decision.

barcodeRecently the developers added a new update that makes ShopSavvy fresher and more powerful than ever. Version 5.0 now includes ShopSavvy Wallet which allows you to store your credit card info to make quick purchases of items from major online retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble.

There are now many apps in the Android Market that are designed to help you price comparision shop, but in my experience, not even Google's own Google Shopper can compare with ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner.

Did I mention the app doesn't cost anything?

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