SkyFire: Flash Video Player on Android

flashYou read right. Flash Video on Android is here! SkyFire 2.0 is now available for download in the Android Market. SkyFire is a stand alone web browser that detects Flash Video on web pages and offers the option to watch the video. Even better is that the video is opened in full screen resolution according to your own connection speed to prevent buffering issues.

I decided to put SkyFire to the test today. I downloaded the BETA version from the market and in addition to the suggested sites such as CNN & ESPN I even tried visiting some of my own sites where I have flash video embeded with a non-youtube player. I couldn’t find a single flash video online that I was not able to watch via the SkyFire browser… and it was super fast!

SkyFire using cloud computing to run the complicated programs and scripts on it’s own server to free up your mobile phone from any heaving uploads or downloads. This will save on load time and conserve battery life. Currently SkyFire is available on the Android, Nokia, and Windows Smartphone platforms… Sorry iPhone :)

Here is a brief introductory video:

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