SMS Scheduler App for Android

I first thought it would be nice to schedule Text Messages on my Android phone to help me wish people a Happy Birthday. Ever since finding this app I’ve been able to put it so many more uses.

scheduleThe SMS Scheduler App is a very reliable app that allows you to pre-write a text message to be sent at a later date and time. When scheduling a new text message you can add as many phone numbers as you want. You select the date and the exact time you want the message to be sent.

You also can select the frequency. Options include:

  • Every 5,15,or 30 minutes
  • Every 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours
  • Every day
  • Every weekday(Mon-Fri)
  • Every weekend (Sat-Sun)
  • Every week
  • Every fortnight
  • Every month
  • Every year

I can’t imagine why you would need to send the exact same message to the same people every 5 minutes, but hey the option is there. I have found occasion to send a text message every week, month or year and it is super handy.

Another feature that I appreciate is the confirmation notification. After a schedule message has been sent the app notifies you. This is nice since you could get a reply from your recipient in the next few minutes and not remember otherwise what they are responding to.

Sent messages are displayed in your normal text messaging app and threads. There isn’t any funky 3rd party text messaging app involved in that sense.

I have used this app to schedule last minute reminders for meetings and conference calls. I have also used it to schedule inspirational messages for my sales staff. I’m sure your mind is already thinking of the possibilities.

I emailed the developer about the future plans for the app and they said there is an update planned for the next month or so that will allow for scheduling text messages to groups instead of selecting people one by one. In the long term they also plan to add email and mms scheduling as well as additional options for repeating periods.

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