SpeedyRoute – Navigating Multiple Destinations in One Trip

Do you work in an industry in which you like to say your car is your office? If you are in a sales or service industry that requires driving around and calling on clients or going to your customers then you understand the potential cost associated with losing time or… well getting lost.

Over the last 15 years there has been a strong evolution for people in these types of businesses. It started with MapQuest technology that enabled people to plan a route ahead of time and print off written directions to the now mobile GPS navigation devices built into most mobile phones and all Android devices. People in these industries we are discussing have recently been using services like SpeedyRoute.com to plan out a trip that involves multiple destinations. Now SpeedyRoute has announced the rollout of a new application for Android.

Speedy Route 01The new application for Android is much like the desktop version of the site in that it allows users to quickly put together a route based on multiple destinations. You always get the best directions based on Google Maps and Google Navigation. The interface is easy to use and simple to master. Lets take a closer look.

When you open up the application you will be prompted to first input a “depot.” This is your starting location or the location you would like to return to at the end of your route. From there you can start to build your route by inputting as many locations as you like. You can input location manually by typing in an address or you can choose from your current location, a previously used location, or a saved location. When typing in an address it does have speedy auto-complete to help you find what you are looking for fast.

After you build out your route the optimal directions will be calculated and you will be able to view the directions from each location to each location in your route. There is also easy one tap links to take you to the Google Maps Navigation on your Android to get turn by turn navigation instructions for any leg of your route. This integration makes good use of the resource already on your phone and I really like that because it doesn't mean I have to learn a new navigation structure or download an unnecessarily heavy app.

Speedy Route 02

The app also has a beautiful design for tablets that I like. It is well optimized regardless of what Android device you may use.

At the time of this writing I'm not aware of any other application (including Google Maps) that allows the user to select multiple destinations on any given route. This is a great solution to a problem that does exist daily for a large number of people and frequently for the rest of us.

The Android App version of Speedy Route is initially a free download, and comes installed with 10 free location credits. When you calculate an optimized route using the app, the number of locations in your route are used up from your location credits. The 10 free credits allow the user to test a small route before then purchasing more credits. The Speedy Route website is currently a free service, but the Android App uses location credits to reflect the increased functionality in the app – storage and retrieval of recent and favorite locations, and the locations of your phone or tablet's  contacts. Also, the app version of Speedy Route allows longer and more complicated routes to be calculated than in the free web version, and provides a link to live Google Navigation GPS directions to each location.

The cost of credits varies a little by region (or currency) but is very affordable, especially for someone who drives for a living (or feels like they do). You also get a better deal when you buy credits in bulk. Download the app and give it a run to see how it works for you. If you love it as much as I do you won't hesitate to buy credits and move forward!

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