T-Mobile Official Voicemail App now available

T-mobile has just released an official visual voicemail application for the android market and best of all there is no additional charge. You will need to call customer service to ask them to add the service to your plan before you will be able to use the service.  For those of you who have to this point been using your traditional voicemail,

image I think you will be super pleased! What can be better then coming back from a business meeting in which you missed 5 calls actually knowing which of your callers left you a voicemail and how long it is.

For those of you who have been using PF Fusion or YouMail to this point I think you will be excited to have an official app at your fingertips. The features appear similar so far but the real appeal is that its official.

We are stilling hoping t-mobile will add a feature to read a written transcription of each voicemail (available via youmail for an additional fee) but for now everything seems to be going well!

Download the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app from the android market and then call 611 to activate the service before opening the app.

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  • Brian

    Not a fan of the app. The playback volume was way too low to use. Not even worth having.