– What the Android Market for Tablets Should Be

For those of us who have an Android tablet we have been plagued by one thing; a lack of tablet apps. Other than price, this is usually the deciding factor between buying an iPad versus buying an android tablet. When I first bought my Xoom there were only a small amount of apps that were optimized for tablets. While the list grew larger, there really wasn’t a distinction between phone and tablet apps and until just recently that was a problem that we had to deal with. That was until Ayman Suleiman, creator of decided to take matters into his own hands. Ayman, frustrated like the rest of us android tablet owners, operates the site on his own and personally puts a monumental amount of research into each app and with over 500 apps on this site you can see he is pretty dedicated.

While this isn’t a market in which you can download the apps directly he does have links to the actual android market where you can. Like the market, Tablified has each app broken into categories ranging from Books & Reference to Widgets. Each app has a full description, comment and rating system that allow users, much like other markets, to see what others are thinking. There are various pictures of the apps in motion much like the market. Basically, for those familiar with the web version of the Android Market, navigating through Tablified will be a breeze. There are multiple business related apps as well as other apps that boost productivity.


Side by Side they a very similar.

When the Xoom was released and Google pushed its Android OS into the tablet front a lack of apps hurt sales. This continued with a lack of support of a dedicated tablet app market. Ayman at Tablified looks to rectify this. Google should take some cues from this web site as it is a perfect place for us Android Tablet users to find the apps we need built for our tablets.

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