Tasks N Todos: Latest Google Task Syncing Application

It seems that I’m never satisfied by my task list app on my Android phone. I’ve been through several in the past and most recently I was using Astrid. I happened to come upon Tasks N Todos because it was the free app of the day in the Amazon App Store several weeks ago. It took me awhile after downloading it before I decided to open it and give it a try. I had been having some issues with Astrid’s sync being less than wonderful.

As first glance I would describe Tasks N Todos as simple and clean. Its easy to use and has an intuitive interface. It syncs directly with Google Tasks and does not have its own online interface like Astrid. This, I felt, was a PRO and a CON. Good because a direct sync between phone and Google Tasks would prevent any funky issues or problems with the reliability of that sync. Bad because the Google Tasks interface is, as you know, lame at best and short on many features.

taskThe interface, like I said, is clean and easy to use. Setting reminders for an individual task is easy and changing due dates is also a simple task. You swype from task list to task list from right to left.

You can filter and sort your tasks by a variety of different criteria but I generally just want to see all my tasks sorted by due date.

The app also features a few widgets and shortcuts that can be placed on a home screen for fast access to certain tasks.

I hope you love it as much as I do… now if we can just get Google to do something about that web interface!

>>Download Tasks N Todos

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  • You are absolutely correct about google task limited offerings. I am true to android but restricted to exchange server. HTC did a wonderful good cooking in the ability to sync with microsoft as well as google, but decided to purchase the LG optimus G. I have had a hard time finding a worth while app to replace HtC sync. I miss the ability to sync so much that I just listed my LG on Craigslist