Test Your Reaction Skills with REAkT

Do you like challenges and would like to test and improve your true Eye-to-Brain-to-Finger reaction and reflex capabilities? Then this new application, REAkT is something for you!

The Brain Cheating Algorithm:

REAkT consists of a simple but accurate set of rules to make the user happy and satisfied but also eager, excited, and frustrated. Keep in mind the concept was built to encourage self-improvement. The button changes colors by at randomized time intervals. You press the button when it changes from blue to green. The reaction speed will determine the amount of points you get. Quicker response gives more points and the higher points the better.

REAkTThe user will strive to get higher points each hit to maximize the score. To add some tension to the formula, the multiplier system was introduced. This is nothing new in gaming at all but it works a little bit different here. When a hit gives 10 or more points, the multiplier (which is x1 from the beginning) is increased by 1. So if the user gets 10×1=10 points first time he will get, let’s say, 10×2=20 points next hit (if equally quick). Next round will be 10×3=30 and so on. Maximum multiplier is x10. Now comes the nervous part. If the user should hit the button before it turns green or he’s too slow and the green turns back to blue, the multiplier will be decreased by x2. So if it took 9 turns to get all the way up to x10, it will only take 5 misses to be back to x1 again. This will make you very jumpy at x10 I can assure you! To make it even harder your total score is also penalized when you miss. The final ingredient though, the secret symbol, is what makes this a really unique brain test. The symbol, in this case a skull, will randomly (but with a carefully chosen probability) appear at the same time as the button turns green. If the user taps the button while this symbol is visible the test is Game Over! What does this all mean when you put it together?

The Test:

A normal user without an in-depth knowledge about this test will at the beginning just try to hit the green button to get points. He will soon realize that he get more points by hitting faster. He will sooner or later also get a “game over” because this test is in fact impossible to beat. The user might not understand at first why he got “game over” but will try again. This time he gets a little more points, because he was subliminally a little bit faster, and his brain quickly adapt to this new strange task. The user may now come to the understanding of the multiplier system and starts to get really high points. This pushes him to the maximum and he will tap the button so fast that he actually strikes the “secret symbol” almost every time, which results in game over again. He now gets to the frustrating part of the test. Why hit that symbol every time when you clearly see it and know it’s bad? The answer is easy: Our brain works in mysterious ways, it reacts to the actual color change before it analyses the symbol. Your finger will respond a fraction of a second before you are aware of the action itself. So how can you master this test? The solution is to find and optimize your reaction speed based on your own limitations. You need to be as fast as possible to get high points but slow enough to be aware of your actions before your brain self-reacts. Only then will you reach high scores!


Now, let’s talk about what makes this brain app entertaining, addictive and fun:

  • Bonus Points: It’s quite easy to get a little more points than previous play. Your will quickly improve your skills but the test itself will never end.
  • Speed increases over time: The test will be harder the longer you “stay alive”. The difficulty level will increase depending on your hits and the color will change faster.
  • Multiple modes: Single player to test your own skills or 2-player mode to challenge your friends for a battle. Train in single mode and compare brain speeds with 2-player.
  • Online mode: By utilizing Google Play (Cross platform) Multiplayer Service, REAkT comes with a built in support for challenging competitors all over the world. Either use the auto-match feature for randomized opponent or invite your friend over Internet.
  • Ranking system: Makes it possible to compare your skills in real-time. Your rank is updated after each play to reflect global leaderboard position. In 1-player mode it will compare your high scores and in online mode it will compare number of won quick matches.
  • Achievements: Unlocked after certain goals. A lot to discover!
  • Leaderboards: To list the most skilled players. High scores table for 1-player mode and winners table for online mode.
  • Custom graphics, sound and music: Minimalistic graphics and audio with retro style influences takes you back to the cozy early computer days which will help you keep calm.

Are you ready to display your abilities? Then download, install and challenge your friends today. REAkT is available for free on Google Play

Android Google Play

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