The Best Android Weather App & Widget: Elecont

There are enough weather apps in the Android Market to drive a person mad. Lets face it, weather is one of the most popular types of information for mobile phone users to access on the go. According to a recent article by mashable, weather applications are second in popularity only to games among mobile phone users.

It seems sometimes like I have to download 3 or 4 different weather apps to get all the features I'm looking for. Recently I discovered Elecont, which has EVERYTHING I want in a weather app. Lets take a look at the features.

There are 4 Basic things I look for in a Weather App:

First, In App Weather Features

android weatherElecont, is feature rich. Everything moves and loads very quickly without any hiccups in the interface. The graphics are sleek, modern and refreshing. Features include:

  • Live Radar Overlay on Google Maps (USA Only)
  • Earthquakes list and map (within a specified radius of your location)
  • 24 Hour Forecasts
  • 10 Day Forecasts
  • Hour by Hour Forecast
  • World Clock with Associated Weather Conditions
  • Barometer that shows trends
  • Moon Phase and Rise and Set Times
  • Sunrise and Sunset Times
  • UV Radiation Levels
  • Hourly Rain Probability
The genius in Elecont, in addition to the large feature set is in the interface. Its so easy and so fast to quickly check the forecast for any given hour of any given day. Its intuitive and fast!

Second, Notifications and Alerts

If you are like me you want the flexibility of choosing what types of weather alerts you get on your Android phone. There are a variety of options that you can customize to display the current temperature, forecast, moon phase, or future forecast in your notification bar. For me it's enough to just have the current temperature displayed.

In addition to some weather alerts in your notification bar Elecont also can notify you of weather alerts, warnings, and watches in your area. Depending on where in the world you live this could really become annoying but helpful at the same time.

Third, Weather Widgets

Elecont offers 17 different widget options in various sizes that can display various combinations of the weather, wind, clock, current or upcoming forecast, moon phases, and barometer. Again, its worth repeating that the graphics are sharp and clear. Here are some quick examples of what the widgets look like.

Android Weather Widget Android weather widgets

Fourth, Speed and Versatility

The app runs on very little memory, only 8 KBytes per city you add to the locations list. The list of options is endless. You can change the transparency of the widgets, the units of measurement, and about anything else you can think of.

Download the App Here

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  • My favorite app for weather. The fact that it shows earthquake activity is a big win for my nerdness. Coupled with a very awesome hourly weather clock, this is a great app recommendation.

  • mario

    hi, there is an APP for android that uses the NDFD (national digital Forecast database) api to show weather hazards and advisory on a map