The Best Remote Desktop Sharing and Access Applications

If you follow this site you know I’m on a lifetime search for a quality application for remote accessing my desktop computers from my phone, tablet, and other desktop computers. Every time I think I have found the best solution I end up disappointed. In the past I’ve reviewed PhoneMyPC and Splashtop but I think I’ve now fully converted to Team Viewer.

Why Did I Give Up on PhoneMyPC?

PhoneMyPC is still in many ways my favorite option for connecting to PC computers from my Android phone. There are however many drawbacks. The developer seems slow to make progress. As the name implies, it doesn’t support Mac OS and while that doesn’t effect me personally I do like to use a solution that I can recommend to others regardless of what platform they may be on. The second problem. I have three machines I use often. My office computer, my home office computer, and my laptop. In addition to wanting remote access from my phone/tablet I also want to connect from computer to computer. PhoneMyPC doesn’t support that type of solution.

Why Did I Give Up on Splashtop?

Splashtop recently upgraded their entire system to Splashtop 2. While overall this was a huge upgrade it has created some issues. First, they now charge for the service. As an existing user of Splashtop I was grandfathered into a free account for life but recommending it to others means they will have to pay an annual fee. Second, I have connection drama. Because of firewalls, networks, and port issues I can’t always connect from desktop to desktop. Its not fully clear to me if they even intend to continue to support computer to computer connections or if the long term strategy of the developer is to transition to a mobile only application.

Why Am I Now Using Team Viewer?

¬†Team Viewer is first and foremost FREE for personal use. I don’t have to buy an app or pay for an ongoing service fee. That is already a bonus. Next, Team Viewer is supported on all platforms. Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc. All my devices are compatible. You can even easily share files and documents across devices. Third, so far (2 weeks of use) I’ve never had a connection issue. I can connect without problem from desktop to desktop or from mobile to desktop. Lastly, Team Viewer also makes it easy to have connections with other people who have the software but are not part of your own personal device network. This makes it easy to offer support to a friend.

What about you?

What are you using and why? What have you found to be most effective?

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  • Hi Jacob,

    Just wanted to quickly let you know that we also have an Android (and iOS) app for our desktop sharing software, Mikogo. Rather than remote access, our software and apps are designed for online meetings. People can start meetings on their computers (Windows, Mac or Linux) and then others can join from their Android phone or tablet and view the presenter’s desktop and attend the meeting. Thought you might be interested in checking it out:

    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team

  • local_decomposer

    I use Airdroid. Maybe it’s not as intuitive as what you’re looking for, but it’s perfect for what I use it for. I’ve never had a connectivity issue of any kind.