Thumb Keyboard – The new standard for Tablets and Phones

If you’re a current owner of an Android tablet, then one of your most pinched frustrations must be the built-in on-screen keyboard. It was definitely a pain to not only the tablet with one hand and to type with 1-finger of the other. Not only does this generate a risk of the tablet tipping over and resulted in a destruction of hundreds of dollars, but also the inefficiency of typing with just 1-finger. The developers at BeanSoft has come up with a great idea to kill two birds with one stone; with the birth of The Thumb Keyboard. Just imagine, ordinary people will hold a 10.1″ inch with both hands, regardless of landscape or portrait mode; this only leaves 1 finger free, aka the thumb. This keyboard cleverly separates the on-screen keyboard into a left and a right portion. As a direct result, the typing efficiency has increased drastically and the tablet is held tightly between your palms. The keyboard also supports secondary symbols via long-press on the certain key, as well as the usual feedbacks: pop-up, sound, and heptic.









Despite being a paid app on the Android market ($2.50), it is usable not only on your Android  tablet, but also on your Android phone. For use on the phone, split keyboard does not make much sense in portrait mode, but works beautifully in landscape mode. Wait a minute, this keyboard doesn’t work well in portrait mode in the phone?


You read me right, approximately more than 90% of android phone users use in portrait mode; and the developers at BeanSoft had taken this into account and have allowed users to select the type of on-screen keyboard to use for portrait/landscape. The keyboard also supports multiple themes built-in: such as honeycomb, gingerbread, iPad, and the hottest one right now, the Ice-Cream Sandwich.









So, go on and head to the market and search for Thumb Keyboard, or just follow the link here: Thumb Keyboardkeyboard

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