Tilt Scroll for Rooted Android Devices

One of the best parts about using mobile phones or tablets is doing things effortlessly, simplifying life as much as possible. For several years, with android devices, you had only one choice when it came to scrolling your screen content, which is using fingers.

It's true that some apps have implemented tilt scrolling feature, but the odds are that you barely use one of them, and the applications you use in a daily basis don't serve this feature.

But now there's a second option if your device is rooted and you have an accelerometer, you simply install the Tilt-Scroll app, which adds a system-wide Tilt-To-Scroll feature to your device , so it works with any application ; Therefore you don't need to wait for your preferred app to implement tilt scrolling feature.


Tilt scroll is very easy to use; After you have installed it, you start the server and then display the widget which keeps shown on your screen while you switch between other applications, and when you want to activate tilt scrolling feature, you just click the button “Play” on the widget.

Once you activate the scrolling, you are ready to start scrolling by tilting your tablet in the desired direction followed by a tilt in the opposite direction, and in order to pause scrolling, you simply reverse the order of the previous tilts.

For example :
To start scrolling down, you tilt your tablet backward, then forward.
If it's scrolling down and you want to pause scrolling, you tilt your tablet forward, then backward.

Finally, to deactivate scrolling, you just touch the screen or any physical button on your device.

Additional Features

* Scroll vertically and horizontally.
* Show the widget by shaking your phone.
* Activate scrolling by shaking your phone.
* Select a scrollable area (when there is more than one on the screen).
* Adjust the speed of scrolling (Pro version).


widget-pageThe most evident and major advantage of Tilt Scroll functionality is its System-wide availability, and this by itself makes this app the first of its kind in the whole market.

Another innovation which comes with Tilt Scroll is its double tilt system, which resolves some problems and flaws found in most applications who have implemented tilt scrolling, since they use the single tilt system, and once you start scrolling, you should keep your device fixed and avoid the slightest change in the reading angle or any sudden movement and that would be a hard thing to perfect.

With double tilt gesture, you are free to change the reading angle as long as you do that slowly, and all the involuntary movements are ignored.

This is a very useful app for users of all ages.

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Try it and let us hear your comments.

About the Developer: My name is Ouadban Youssef, and I’m mainly an android developer but I also work on desktop applications and websites. I try creating useful applications that solve real problems, helping end users achieve their goals painlessly.

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