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My friend made the mistake of showing me an app for his phone that was for tweeting an audio recording, and then challenging me to see if the Android could do it. I don’t have to tell you that his phone was made by a company named after a fruit and he is always trying to show me something his phone can do that my Android can’t. Well I out did him again.

WHY: Why would it be important to syndicate audio? What’s the application? In internet marketing and social networking it is greatly important to syndicate content. Pictures, videos, audios, webcasts, blogs,and links all play a role in networking. If your end goal is to increase your business than you must drive more people to your site who find you as a credible source. In order to do this you must form relationships with people and allow your true transparent self to be reachable. By syndicating your content you become more transparent, real, credible, and above all else valuable to others. Each form of media has its place.

Audio recording can be great for interviews with people, quick inspirational thoughts, music, etc.

HOW: So now how can you go about it? You will need two apps from the Android market. 1st download Pixelpipe Pro. I know its not free but it is the single most powerful syndication tool for video, pictures, and audio recordings available both online and from your phone. You need this app. 2nd dowload an app call Hertz. I tried 11 different audio recording apps yesterday and Hertz is the best one that saves the file in the correct format for our purpose.

audioRecord your audio using the Hertz app and save it with a title that you will remember. Then open the PixelPipe Pro app and (assuming you have already configured your pixelpipe account) hit the menu button. Go to the audio menu and find your recording. Make sure to choose a good title, description, and tags and then hit the upload button.

Done! Now it will upload the audio and update your status/tweet the title and a link to the recording on all the sites you have configured which could include Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, Plaxo, LinkedIn, etc.

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Jacob S. Paulsen

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