Twidroid – Best Android Twitter App for the G1 & G2

Wow! Twitter is quick becoming the most popular/powerful of Social Media websites. There are a lot of different twitter apps out there for the G1, android platform but so far Twidroid is my favorite.

In looking for a twitter app it was important to me to find something would allow me to send and receive both @ replies and direct messages. It also needed to display new messages in the notification bar.

Twidroid does all of this. Here is a quick glance at all their twitter features:

  • full-featured twitter client
    • postings, replies & direct messages
    • user detail information
    • follow/unfollow a user
    • auto-completion of your contact names
    • secured operation via SSL
    • option to use instead of twitter
    • option to use twitter compatible APIs (e.g.
  • integrates directly with android’s browser & gallery for sharing
  • GPS location support to update your profile or embed into photos
  • location-based nearby search
  • directly integrated photo-posting from cam or disk via phodroid and twitpic
  • directly integrated search through all public tweets
  • native url-shortening
  • background notifications for replies & direct messages
  • auto layout for landscape and portrait mode
  • custom alert ringtones
  • API to send tweets from your android application
  • ‘buzz’ feature that allows you to view today’s most talked about stories on twitter directly in the app.

If anyone else would like to suggest a twitter app do so by making comment below or by visiting our suggested content page above! Here are some screenshots:

twidroid screenshots


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