Ubersocial aka. Twidroyd: Top Twitter Client for Android

I’ve been tweeting much more lately since I downloaded all of the most popular Twitter clients for Android. I was struck with this revamped App named Ubersocial which was commonly known as Twidroyd way back.

Ubersocial is not only available on Android but also in other operating systems including Blackberry and iOS. I must say, it is the most appealing and user friendly Twitter client available in the market. It’s a lot like the default Twitter client for Android only it comes with more tweaks.

Ubersocial can also be downloaded with themes of your preference, but I prefer the classic theme which is plain white. It seems much simplier and formal.

Ubersocial also supports multiple Twitter accounts which is very important if you run a business or manage Twitter profiles for your organization  or alter ego.

A full list of Ubersocial Twitter App features includes:

* Multiple Twitter account support
* Customized Twitter notifications
* Conversation thread view
* Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
* Multiple widgets
* Retweet with or without comment
* TMI/Twitlonger service
* Twitter lists
* Integrated Tweet and user search functionality
* Tweets near you
* Fully customizable UberBar .
* Pull-to-refresh as well as shake-to-refresh.
* “Mute” feature.
* LivePreview™.
* New features such as ShrinkTweet, and Insert Symbol.

If you like to tweet, you will definitely enjoy this great App.

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