Updates to Some of Our Favorite Apps on Android

In case you haven’t already ran your updates I suggest you head over to the Market and hit the button. These are some of the things you may be missing out on:

Official eBay for Android Update:

  • Shipment Tracking and Many More Notifications
  • In-App reminders about items requiring your action
  • Browse eBay categories
  • View favorite Sellers

Tasker Android Update:

  • Many bug fixes and new arrays and associated actions

Skype Update:

  • 14 additional devices whitelisted for video calling
  • Video calls supported in both landscape and portrait view
  • Double tap to zoom
  • Revised Recent view. Conversations now grouped around your contacts
  • Improved support for Bluetooth headsets

TripIt Travel Organizer for Android Update:

  • Account creation bug and other bug fixes

Mint Personal Finance for Android Update:

  • Fixes the back key bug
  • Add transactions from your phone
  • Use Google Places and GPS to help you find a merchant when adding transactions
  • Use Google Maps to change your transaction location with a double tap.
  • View your current balance along with pending transactions for each account!

Google+ for Android Update:

  • Join Hangouts from the mobile app
  • Set Profile Picture
  • Huddle is now messenger
  • Send photos in messenger
  • Long press on posts in stream to +1 share and mute
  • Improved video playback support
  • Improved public search for people
  • Move app to your SD card
  • Improved +mention support

Astrid Task/Todo List Update:

  • Astrid.com sync now uses https
  • Lists now case insensitive
  • Repeating tasks don’t lose reminders
  • Repeat from completion date now synced
  • Widgets created from tags launch app
  • Fixed Google tasks login on non-English users
  • Comment Pictures

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